What I Wish I Knew @ 20


Decide to Live your highest Life.  Stretch the outside of yourself to the limit.  See what you can do!  Love, Health, Music, Success, Wealth, Healing, Ministry 


Know Thyself. Knowing and managing yourself is one of the most important and hardest thing to do.  How do you learn?  How do you manage stress/fear?  How do you motivate yourself?  What do you need/want from a relationship?  How do you manage conflict?  How do you deal with people who don’t agree with you?  Being honest with yourself about yourself is something a lot of people never do.   


Many situations are temporary, you outgrow them...that’s fine, move on!  Growing up is not easy at any age.  When you see a shirt doesn’t fit...get rid of it and wear what does...that goes for everything and everyone.  Hold close the people and experiences that matter in the present and the future...let go of the old wineskins... 


Embrace the moment you’re in!! You’ll have plenty of time in your life to struggle...If you’re finishing school, looking forward to an adventure, have cool plans, feel light as a feather...GO WITH IT! Embrace it and revel in the fun of the moment and excitement you feel. You’ll need this memory and habit periodically through your life...Grab it and hold tight (documenting it would be a good idea too!) 

Being Patient is a gift, learn it! We can all be impulsive, get stirred up, do impulsive things...learn to create enough space for the dust to settle, the mud to go to the bottom and allow for clarity. Things aren’t always what they seem to be...learn from you past but don’t let fear limit you. You know what to do and it will be clear with time...be Patient! 


Learn to wait for the right opportunity...BUT don’t wait long before acting. Acting on your intuition will bring the next step. You’ll only receive the illumination to do the next thing/step...take it! 


Be thankful for the job you have, it’s a gift. Your job is helping you move towards your goals. Be thankful for it and find a way to make the best of it, even if it’s not perfect. Find joy, give encouragement to your colleagues...Make it something. 


Find a way to enjoy each day.  Pick something or someone about today that makes you smile and let it bring light to your day.  There’s always something to be happy about...Find it and let it fill you so you do better work, become a better person and move forward...”just keep swimming” you’re moving towards something cool! 


Find your gift and give in to it.  You have a gift, we all do.  There’s something that comes naturally and easily to you...THAT’S IT!  Recognize it, nourish it, be nourished by it and what where it leads you and who it leads you to...  Don’t attach yourself to someone who doesn’t appreciate your gift...it won’t work.  Let your life constraints condition and develop your gift.  Delicate green plants flourish in the desert... 


It’s easiest to get a job when you have one!  Your ability to remain employed through your life helps to keep your spirits high and allows you to find better work.  Take a job, even if it’s not perfect...it’s always a stepping stone to the next step in your journey...take it! 


Develop friendships...you’ll need them!  It’s easy to live virtually to the point that you don’t have real relationships and physical people to connect with.  You’ll need them to support you, enrich your life, receive guidance, provide love and support to others... 


Learn Spiritual Skills.  Start with Breathing, centering, slowing your mind and quiet.  Start with 4 minutes.  Build your own spiritual practice...you’ll need it. 


Do something “Cool” and you’ll not go wrong.  The criteria for a choice of a career, a hobby, a move, a school...is how “cool” it appears to you.  If given the choice, go with your passion!  BTW, it’s ALWAYS your choice...use it wisely and spend your time and your life well...you don’t get a redo. 


Celebrate your milestones...  Graduating from College, getting a new job, moving out, getting into a serious relationship...celebrate it and make it something you remember. 


Money Management.  Start saving 10% of your gross salary/income for your future NOW.  The longer you save and the more disciplined about it long term will change the course of your life...REALLY IMPORTANT!!! 


Do something “Cool”.  Focus on what you’re passionate about. Learn to understand what moves you and prioritize it in your daily life.  There’s nothing worse than being crushed by responsibilities and never get to what you care about!!! 


Avoid Debt at all costs.  We live in a “Debt-Enslavement” society.  It’s worse than Heroin and has the power to destroy you.  It begins with a credit card and ends with real sorrow.  Addressing this early is the key to avoiding this cancer as your income grows.  It requires vigilance as your life changes.  Most “savers” marry “spenders.”  Realize who you are and take the steps to deal with who you are and really understand your partner to make sure he/she is the person you want to make a life with.