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Corbella is Comunity:  Artists, Musicians, Photographers, Families with Special Needs

Corbella is Business:  Marketing, Consulting, Sales specializing in International Imports

Corbella is Ministry:  Corbella Music Ensemble, Special Needs Support

Corbella, "beautiful heart", is a place, state of mind, cause, ministry, therapy, music group, resource...we hope you find what you need and share it.


December 2016

Merry Christmas-Happy New Year!

It's been an exciting year of building the recording studio and seeing it actually work!  Looking forward to the NAMM Show and playing the Linnstrument at Roger Linn's Booth

May 2015

Corbella's Recording Studio is almost ready!  After many years in storage, Studio 717 has a facility.  We'll post pictures soon and the first recordings by August.

May was also our first Corbella event which was a fun gathering of families at Providence Plantation.  We look forward to many more!

April 2015

The construction project is underway!  We're excited to have our office, recording studio, meeting area all under one roof

March 2015

So thankful to the friends who have supported and reached out to us as we begin this project.  We find many are in the same place we are:  in real need of sincere, caring community.

February 2015

Corbella found a home in Milton GA on New Providence Road and Providence Plantation.

About this site

Corbella is a work in process...like most people and things.  It began at Corbella street in Toano Italy in the hills of Modena/Reggio during a difficult period.  The idea was to have a place where people could create and share their creativity, process and works for the community as a way of connecting with others.

Today it is being reborn with some of the original hopes and ideals.  We look to create loving and accepting experiences where people with special needs can be themselves and share their joy and gifts with the community.  We believe that special needs persons are here to teach the larger community about tolerance, love, celebration of the uniqueness of each person regardless of their abilities.

We gather with food, music, arts, physical activities and fun.  We create art together and share with the community.  It's a safe place where there's no fear of disapproving looks.  Corbella also seeks to create opportunities for artists, musicians, photographers, farmers and marketers to work together and support each other's passions.

You can reach us at jmoen@corbella.com