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Corbella is Where Creativity and Human Development Meet

Corbella, Where you find Art, Writings and Music to enjoy, express yourself and touch others.


September 2021

The Fall is coming and a fresh period of fruitful activity is here!

August 2021

Take this time to catch up, catch your breath, do what you've been putting off, remove clutter, make room for the new and the important.

July 2021

Good change and growth is here.  Embrace it and see where the Universe is taking you!

June 2021

Mark each day with a concrete action towards your most important goals

May 2021

Focusing on specific projects to move forward is the new priority...Giterdone!

April 2021

The leaves are greening and Easter is here.  Time for a new season of creativity and publishing.

March 2021

Beautiful sunny days and the promise of Spring around the corner.  Looking forward to the blooming and the green.  One more week before daylight savings and longer evenings of sun.  3rd month of staying to the plan...good things are happening!  A little Spring Cleaning went a long way to feeling better about the change and making room for the new and fresh.

February 2021

The year is already moving quickly.  Focus and commitment made January a great start.  The Binaural Beats project is progressing...music will be available soon.  The Corbella Link now works and Binaural Music is being uploaded to Corbella.Bandcamp.com every week

January 2021

The 2020 Covid year is history and it brought big change for the world and for Corbella.  We're focused on publishing, music production, Love, Health, Music, Success, Wealth, Healing, Ministry.


About this site

Corbella is a work in process...like most people and creative endeavors.  It began at Corbella street in Toano Italy in the hills of Modena/Reggio during a difficult period.  The idea was to have a place where people could explore Spirituality through Creativity:  Music, The Arts, Poetry, Prose, Theoretical writings...

If you have something to share, You can reach us at info@corbella.com.